Paper Cup Manufacturing Process

Paper Cup Manufacturing Process
November 29, 2016 administrator

What is the very first thing that comes to your mind when you see or even thing of coffee paper cups? Honestly? You probably are attracted to the design on the cup or if you are an entrepreneur or a business owner, you see a perfect marketing platform.

The latter is the reason why the paper cup industry has grown and developed exponentially over the past couple of years. Sure individuals make them for events, but not as much as businesses order them for their businesses generalvollmacht vorlage kostenlosen. Now as you are reading this, you want to get very best coffee paper cup in the industry without going through a lot of hassle. And while you might have read up and gotten tips and tricks on how to get the very best in your industry, you should take note of one thing – the paper cup manufacturing process. It is this process that will guarantee you that you are getting your money’s worth. Sure they may all look the same in the end and serve the same purpose, but the quality differs a great deal depending on the manufacturing process that occurred nachrichten und bilder herunterladen.

Below is the reason why we are prided as the very best in coffee paper cups in the world – the paper cup manufacturing process from start to finish.
Raw Material: PE Coated Paper
The material used in this first step determines the outcomes of the entire product at the very end. With paper cups, there are many options to choose from herunterladen. But the two major raw materials manufacturers make use of are waxed paper and PE coated paper. At a glance, from an untrained individual eye, they probably look the same with minimal differences of any. Well, the two differ on many things but PE coating material comes out on top in the making of paper cups. It provides a very strong exterior and barrier to grease and moisture herunterladen. It is also perfect for use with hot drinks – all factors that waxed papers do not feature.

This first step involves the processing of the PE coating paper.

The color will obviously go on the outside of the coffee paper cup right? So what is the big deal of having the color approved by health institutions one might wonder which series can be downloaded from netflix? Well, the fact that it isn’t on the inside does not mean that there are no chances of getting in contact with the ink – licking the print is inevitable. That said our printed paper cups is food grade water based ink which has been passed as fit for human consumption.

Die cutting
Simply put, dye cutting is the process of cutting a shape out of a material be it metal, wood plastic but in this case PE coating paper charlie and the chocolate factory for free. Often a machine is used for this process. This is a perfect process which allows the cutting of large amounts of shapes in a short time frame.

For the process, specially designed sharp blades are designed. The blades are curved into the right shape before mounting onto a strong backing.

Remove waste
After the die cutting process, a lot of waste is produced zdf mediathek video download. Before the shaped PE coated paper can proceed to the next stage of manufacture, it needs to be gotten rid of the waste materials. This is normally done by hand to ensure accuracy in the whole process. You wouldn’t want to have cups with holes now would you?

Forming and molding
After the shapes have been cut out and have been extracted and separated from the waste, they are then feed into a machine that gets to transform them into paper cups mac icloud fotos herunterladen. The machine is complex applying various principles in physics but that is boring. The only thing you should know and take away form this is the fact that the paper cup shapes are glued together tightly such that they cannot fall apart under any circumstance.

The process is far tedious to be done by hand. and if it was to be attempted, there would be high levels of inaccuracies in the molding of the paper cups skype mac.

Packing and shrinking
Next is the packing process. For this, there are two levels of packing. In the very first packing process, the coffee cups are stacked together in definite numbers of say 12 cups each and then they are shrink wrapped. Shrink wrapping is the process of wrapping products in clear plastic film. It is wound onto the product by a machine which uses heat to shrink the plastic around the paper cups download adobe fonts. This plastic covering provides for a perfect protection from dust and scratches as well as proof that the products are indeed new and fresh from the manufacturer. You could think of the shrink wrap like a seal of a bottle.

This is the next step of packing. After they have been stacked, shrunk and group into groups of six, the custom paper cups are then packaged into boxes before shipping. Each carton carries a maximum of 6 batches. To be able to accommodate the cups, the carton is cuboid in shape and features a height that is perfect for the cup batches.

This is a crucial step of manufacturer. Sure it does not add any value to the product itself, but it allows us to provide you with splendid service. When you place an order, you will need it delivered to you all at once. Delivery of the products in bits will not only be an inconvenience but also expensive. The warehouse is used to hold the coffee paper cups until their manufacture is complete and ready for delivery. Which takes us to the next and last process – delivery.

While the cups are not made of glass and one might argue that since they cannot break they could very well be transported by any means, we take the liberty of ensuring that your paper coffee cups get to you in one piece. No dents will be sustained by the cups. The delivery is made on time if not before time. This make us perfect to partners.

The Paper cup manufacturing process that we employ is designed to have you enjoy the best quality paper cups there are in the market. Every step is crucial and very important to the final end product you receive for your business. Do not compromise on your marketing quality – give us a call today for a free invoice.


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